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Free Initial Consultation

You may wish to discuss your condition with James prior to the commencement of any treatment. You are welcome to make an appointment for this purpose without obligation.

Home Visits and Emergencies

If your condition is too acute to attend the clinic, a home visit may be requested.

Telephone Advice

Sometimes you may need telephone advice. This is welcome. If you are unable to talk to the Chiropractor immediately, please leave your name and telephone number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Off Work Certification

Chiropractors are authorised to issue Off Work Certificates as and when they are needed.

Private Medical Insurance

Many private medical insurance companies pay for Chiropractic treatment, although some may need a GP or Consultant referral. Please check with your own individual policy for details.

Referrals by General Practitioners

All General Practitioners are allowed by the General Medical Council to refer their patients to Chiropractors. Guidelines from the Royal College of General Practitioners recommend manipulation for spinal problems. Reference: Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Acute Low Back Pain, Royal College of General Practitioners, September, 1996. Our Policy is to work closely with your General Practitioner.

Industrial Injuries

The clinic specialises in occupation-related conditions and the clinic is happy to enter into contractual arrangements with local companies.

Clinic Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8.45am – 7.00pm

Appointments and Enquiries

Appointments and enquiries can be made at the clinic by telephoning 01865 511 594 or 07855 615 647 during clinic opening times.